Folkmill - Käib salapidi öö ( )

. aastal ilmunud Folkmill lugu nimega Käib salapidi öö

Selle loo helilooja ja sõnade autor pole teada. Kas lugu on ka Spotify-s või Soundcloudis kuulatav? Seda lugu on mänginud ka Eesti raadiod (Vikerraadio, Raadio Ruut, Raadio Kadi jt.).

Seda lugu - Käib salapidi öö - mp3 formaadis ega ka muus formaadis alla tõmmata (download) meie teada ei saa, kuid saad seda siiski kuulata ja vaadata, kas siin või siis otse Youtube-st.

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  1. Maybe one of the reasons for bloat *is* the kndeowlge that they are more feequently taken for a mechanical bonus. With this many options, you don’t end up with the unlikely scenario of having two former assassins in the party(now a cleric and a wizard respectively)because the players want to train stealth or thievery or some such.While I agree 100% that 700+ backgrounds is just silly, it does give the player who cares about both rp and min/maxing to find a suitable story fit to go along with the plus two they are hunting. And of course, this many backgrounds is just a giant candy store for stoey focused players. I have cooked up whole characters just based off of browsing the background list amd having a neat idea pop up.But yeah, I think we have hit a threshold here. I doubt any gamer is going to read them all, and a power gamer doesn’t care about the theme behind the bonus anyway, right?


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